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A wide range of procedures fall under the umbrella of oral surgery, and the team at Bethesda Chevy Chase Dental Care in Bethesda, Maryland, has the expertise needed to address many of those needs. If you’re advised you or a loved one needs oral surgery, there’s no need to feel anxious. You’re in great hands, and your Bethesda Chevy Chase Dental Care team will be with you every step of the way. Schedule your one-on-one consultation today, online or over the phone.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery includes a wide range of surgical procedures that involve the teeth, mouth, jaws, and certain portions of the face. These procedures require advanced training and experience.

Having impacted wisdom teeth extracted is one example of oral surgery. This procedure involves making incisions in your gum tissue to gain access to a wisdom tooth that is lodged in your jaw beneath the gum line.

Once your practitioner is able to see and reach the tooth, an effort is made to remove the tooth by gently rocking it back and forth to loosen the connection with bone tissue. In some cases, a wisdom tooth must be broken down into smaller pieces before it can be extracted. After the tooth is removed, your dentist closes the gum tissue and the healing process begins.

What are some other types of oral surgery?

Any tooth extraction is technically a form of oral surgery. Your tooth might need to be extracted to treat advanced decay, to remove a primary tooth that didn’t fall out on its own, or to remove one or more teeth to address crowding.

Many people need extractions as they prepare for orthodontic services. Removing one or more teeth can make it easier for braces to slowly shift your teeth into their correct alignment. In some cases, problems with your bite can’t be corrected through orthodontia alone, and oral surgery offers the best path to a healthy and aesthetically appealing smile.

Dental implants are another form of oral surgery. This procedure replaces a missing tooth with a metal implant surgically positioned in your jaw bone and capped with a synthetic tooth. Dental implants are permanent and are a popular alternative to bridges or dentures.

How do I prepare for oral surgery?

The best thing you can do to prepare for oral surgery is to make plans to adhere to your dentist’s post-surgical instructions. If you’re a smoker, make every effort to quit in the weeks leading up to your appointment.

Smoking damages your body’s ability to heal. It slows your circulation and harms your overall health in countless ways. Finding an effective smoking-cessation program will help ease your oral surgery recovery and boost your overall health and wellness.

You might want to ask a friend or loved one to help out on the day of your procedure. Having someone to drive you home, fill your prescriptions, and prepare a couple of dentist-approved meals can make your recovery process a lot easier.

If you have questions or concerns about oral surgery, reach out to Bethesda Chevy Chase Dental Care today. You can book an appointment using the simple online tool or over the phone.